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A variety of colours, sizes and textures provide a very natural finish. The natural beauty of cobble stones gives these blocks stunning visual appeal.

All standard flint blocks use actual knapped and unknapped stone laid in a random fashion. The type of stone and pattern can be matched to meet customer specification. Only natural materials are used and all material is carefully selected to create the look of a traditional hand-laid finish. By its very nature, the standard flint block cannot be mass produced as the finished face can only be hand laid. Although primarily a hand-laid product, its use in construction has been monitored and proved to be dramatically cost effective compared to traditional flint laying.

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'Cobble' Flint Block - Block Sizes and Product Codes

Cobble Flint Block - Block Sizes and Product Codes

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Cobble Stone, Flint & Stone Specialists Ltd specialises in supplying Cobble Stone standard flint blocks and they are based in the UK London Pulborough Sussex and Surrey.